We Went Plane-Spotting With A McLaren 650S And Wound Up With Car Pr0n

It was not what we expected. When our publisher Jerrold went to pick up the 650S Spider that Pfaff-McLaren Toronto was loaning us for the weekend, we were told it’d likely be a white or silver model. The car we wound up with was technically white, but it was also red and blue. With a Union Jack. And Canadian flag. » 7/24/15 3:22pm Friday 3:22pm

These Are All Of The Hood Murals From The 2015 Chrysler Nationals

Some people pop open a car hood and see an engine; others look up and see a canvas. The underhood mural (and its cousins, the trunk mural and tailgate mural) is considered by some one of the most tacky, tasteless methods of ruining a car, but for these Mopar owners, whose cars we shot at the Chrysler Nationals in… » 7/16/15 1:26pm 7/16/15 1:26pm

This Ford Museum Doesn't Want Your Model T—It Wants Your '80s Econobox

Almost every day the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan gets a call from someone wanting to donate or sell their classic car—and turns it down, nine times out of ten. What kind of cars does the Henry look for exactly? We asked Matthew Anderson, curator of transportation. » 7/07/15 4:50pm 7/07/15 4:50pm

Rolls-Royce Will Do Anything Customers Ask ('Cept Change That Grille)

Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke arm has grown incredibly popular the past few years – in fact every Phantom sold in 2014 was personalized by Bespoke – and as a result they’ve been fielding some pretty crazy unexpected demands from customers. » 7/06/15 12:56pm 7/06/15 12:56pm

In B.C. It Pretty Much Takes A Supercar Parade Like This To Turn Heads

Vancouver auto enthusiasts are probably a little jaded when compared to most Canadians. A pretty much year-round lack of snow, and some of the country’s most breathtakingly beautiful, winding roads are just two reasons Vancouver is home to more supercars per capita than any city this side of Dubai. » 6/25/15 3:52pm 6/25/15 3:52pm

The King Midget Is Our New Favourite One-Cylinder Sports Car

TIME Magazine and I have a problem. No, this has nothing to do with their subscription rates or ‘Person of the Year’ selection (though I’m sure those are also both horrible). This is about how they put the King Midget Model III on their list of the worst cars of all time when it is clearly the best.* » 6/25/15 2:23pm 6/25/15 2:23pm

The Other Cool, Weird Places We Found A Slant 6

Well, seems like Torch was probably right: the Dodge Boulevard 3700 GT is almost definitely the weirdest home for a Chrysler slant six. We couldn’t find an odder, cooler slanty-powered vehicle, though we have a few runners-up. » 6/12/15 6:10pm 6/12/15 6:10pm

These $50,000 Scale Model Cars Are The World's Most Detailed

Morry Barmak’s Collector Studio motorsports memorabilia shop in Toronto, Canada caters to customers that expect only the very best. “There were 39 [Ferrari] 250 GTOs made,” Barmak says, referencing the perennial ‘world’s most expensive car.’ “We have 32 of their owners on our client list.” » 6/11/15 11:56am 6/11/15 11:56am

I Don't Know Why I Waited Until Now To Ride In An Amphicar

The Fleetwood Country Cruize-In in London, Ontario, Canada’s largest outdoor car show, has featured Amphicar rides for as long as I’ve been going there, but for some reason – namely because I hate waiting in lines, I guess – I never took one. Until this year’s show. » 6/08/15 10:24am 6/08/15 10:24am

These Special Edition Cars Were Only Sold In Canada

The Ford Mustang GT California Special, the Nurburgring Edition Lexus LFA—there are plenty of special edition cars out there built or named for specific places, but what about us Canadians? Turns out we’ve had some neat limited editions of our own. » 6/02/15 11:40am 6/02/15 11:40am