There are few to no reasons to drive a '43 Willys Jeep like this with the windshield up.

Don't want bugs in your teeth? Keep your mouth closed. Worried your eyeballs will dry out at speed? Get goggles. Afraid of severe Clarkson Face-Flap Effect? No, you're not. You're secretly hoping that happens.


There are all of the reasons to drive it with the windshield down, namely because you goddamn can.

Military man and vintage Jeep owner Darryl Casselman understands this – he's done the windshield-up thing just twice – and so we, in turn, understand him. S'why we went for a spin in his '43, then tossed him the keys to a new Wrangler.

Now is a modern Wrangler anywhere near as cool as its battlefield-bred ancestor? Not at all. But it does retain the spirit of the Willys, at least according to Casselman. And he would know, wouldn't he?


Seriously, though, if someone can draft a pros-cons list of driving with the windshield down with more than zero items on the cons side, we want to see it.