I know, I know, you already know all about the full-size LEGO hot rod that runs on air. The thing made headlines all over the place. But the story that got missed in all that coverage? It was builder Raul Oaida's second-ever LEGO project.

Discounting a ramshackle ram-brick-le little house he threw together as a kid and a small-scale prototype of the SuperAwesomeMicroProject's compressed air-driven engine, the 20-year-old Romanian super-genius had tackled just one other piece of toy building-block construction (a LEGO space shuttle that he actually sent into freakin' outer space, because he could) prior to taking on a 1:1-scale car. What. The hell.


If you figured the guy a LEGO fanatic or even a LUG (LEGO Users Group/club) member, nope—he has no real attachment to the medium, outside of the fact it's an interesting one in which he could exercise his self-taught engineering skills.

What I'm getting at is the guy built his own jet-powered bike as a teenager. Er, that he wants to construct his own working spaceship. Er, uh—just watch your back, Elon Musk. For the full story, check out our interview by Romanian LEGO enthusiast Octavian Lacatusu over on Autofocus.