Look, we love vintage Ferraris as much as (or more than?) the next guy—they're literally the stuff car pr0n is made of. But if we had to pick our top five wants from Ontario-based RM Auction's upcoming Amelia Island event, we'd have to leave a teeny-weeny parking space next to the '61 250 GT for that adorable '38 Simca Cinq (neé Topolino).

I mean, like at least a few of you, we have a soft spot for small cars, too. Which is why we really wish we were heading down Florida way for the concours this coming weekend and not stuck in -29°C Toronto.

From Kaiser-Darrins to pre-war Packards to '80s Rollses, they've got all sorts of stuff for sale. They've even got a concours-winning 9,000-mile '58 Goggomobil. A Goggomobil, people.


We swung by their office/warehouse/museum last week to see a few of those Amelia-bound cars being prepped for shipping.

But if you can't make it to Blenheim, Ontario or Amelia Island, never fear: we've got your RM Auctions Amelia Island car pr0n right here. (Because, man, do we love us some Canadian car pr0n.)

As usual, if you feel compelled to share your top five wants, we're keeping our eye on the comments below.