Hypothetical: you're a professor of aerodynamics. You're retired. You've just built a futuristic-looking concept car for a major motion picture and a line of retro-inspired speedsters based on the Porsche 928 chassis. What is your next move?

This situation isn't hypothetical for Dr. Clyde Kwok, formerly of Montreal, Canada's Concordia University. Movie cars, early Porsche recreations—this was his life, circa the early 1990s. So what was his next move?

Building an out-there 911-based homage to the '58 Porsche 718 RSK, that was his goddamn next move.


(Because that's how we roll in Canada—when we're not winning Olympic hockey games, I mean. Sorry.)

Kwok's W3 Triposto is the flagship car in his company's – Wingho Auto Classic – lineup, and for a good reason. The thing is wrapped around a 911 or Cayman chassis, seats three McLaren F1-style, goes fast and looks goddamn ridiculously impressive. Shame is they've made fewer than a dozen.


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