Last week's AOTD on the best animal car names featured three-and-a-half vehicles named after felines, because it seems more than horses, more than fish, more than snakes and the things that eat them, we love naming our cars after cats.

About a year ago, my cat-crazy former editor Michael Banovsky (he of the amazing Banovsky's Car of the Day fame) forced me to suggested I compile a list of every reference to cats in the automotive industry. So I did.


While I'd like to think my list was exhaustive – I came up with about 40 references; it's since grown slightly – I somehow completely missed the Matra Bagheera that DownTheLiffeyOnADonut recommended. (I didn't have a Bearcat on the list either, though I'd left that out deliberately since it ain't technically a cat—maybe I should add it in?)

But the Bagheera is in there now, along with the Meyers Manx, cat's-eye headlights, the almost-named-"Panther" Chevy Camaro, and four Lynxes.


Yeah, pretty sure I've got them all now. I think. Can anybody add to this list of every single reference to cats and cars ever? Or have I finally purr-fectly completed my assignment?