While station wagons get a lot of love from auto journos and car enthusiasts, the public at large has, since the rise of the SUV, deemed the wagon “uncool.” We wonder if their opinions would change if they saw these concepts and one-offs.

Most of the coolest wagons, shooting brakes and kammbacks, it seems, never made it to mass production. The Pontiac Trans Am Type K? The 2005 Audi Shooting Brake? The Toyota RV-I? I’d spring for any of ’em – and I’m sure you would, too – but unfortunately they could never make it past the concept stage.

Then there’re the handful of sportswagon that technically did see extremely limited production – the Greenwood Corvette conversions, the Ferrari 456 GT Venice run – but are so exceedingly rare they’re basically unicorns.

How much more interesting would our automotive landscape be if you saw a lot more of these covered-rear cars on the roads, at the track and/or on craigslist? Not that I’m not thankful for what we do have, but—more was never a bad thing, right?


Stuttgartobsessed put together a great primer on weird wagons, kammbacks and shooting brakes not long ago on Oppo, but if you’re looking specifically for 30 of the coolest estate cars that never cracked the two-dozen-unit production mark, head over to Autofocus.ca.

(top image from Hemmings)