Canadian Offers Nissan Silvia To Anyone Who Can Beat Him In ‘Guitar Hero’ [UPDATED: He Was Joking]

A Nova Scotia video gamer says he’ll give away his customized sports car to anyone that can beat him at Guitar Hero, according to a bizarre Kijiji ad posted late October.

[UPDATED] Logan LaTulippe from Cape Breton says the offer isn’t serious and that it was thought up as a joke, but the ad’s still drawn plenty of attention.

“I’ve received upwards of 400 to 500 messages about the car/Guitar Hero,” LaTulippe says.

“Most people were understanding when I explained it was mostly a joke for the fun of it, but I did have the odd angry response. Most people thought the ad was awesome even if it was a joke.”

In the Kijiji listing, LaTulippe explains the “boosted” white 1991 Nissan Silvia – a heavily tuned car imported from Japan by the previous owner – can be yours as quick as you can beat him in a best-of-seven expert-difficulty pro face-off on Guitar Hero 3 for the Xbox 360.

The face-off has to happen online via Xbox Live – not in-person – between October 24 and 30, it says, and those are really the only rules. “You win, you take home my car. That simple. I’m just looking for some competition,” read the listing.


LaTulippe, who’s been playing the game since it came out in 2007, says several people have still challenged him to a seven-song faceoff even after he’s explained he’s not actually giving away the car.

He’s done about 50 or 60 songs against people who’ve responded so far, but no one’s come close to (hypothetically) taking the car from him so far.

“I haven’t lost any games yet,” he says. “But I’ve had a few close ones.”

(via Kijiji)

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