Art cars: they’re what happens when crazy people channel their weirdness into something creative, or, more specifically, something creative with wheels and an engine.

(Florida is what happens when they instead channel that weirdness into, uh, other things.)

Canada is chock full of these cool, creative nuts, which explains why we’ve more than our fair share of art cars on our roads, too.

Some, like the “Art Car Project” series of Porsches started by Quebec’s Claude Le Sauteur, are more rolling sculpture than they are automobile, art that simply happens to take to a car for its canvas.

Others, like the Chrysler K-car garden that lives in Toronto’s Kensington Market, don’t roll at all (that car specifically because its engine block has been replaced with hydrangeas) and thus hardly even qualify as art cars.


Our favourites are the ones that fall somewhere in the middle, the drivable ones that stand out as art even at neck-snappingly wild custom car shows.

The works of B.C.-based Ken Gerberick are a great example, pieces like his “Imaginary Canadian” or his “Emblem Car,” a ’57 Pontiac siliconed in some 6,000 various car badges (they add some 800 lbs to the car’s curb weight and took about a year to affix to every square inch of the hardtop).


We’ve collected a small gallery of the coolest Canadian art cars we could find, but if you can think of some we’ve left out, let us know. They’re over at your friendly neighbourhood; check ’em out.