Jalopnik has covered the Cars and Coffee phenomenon multiple times from multiple angles (and I'm pretty sure the folks over on Oppo are at least a little aware of it, too). We just thought we'd remind that, yeah, C-and-C is pretty much the best.

Our West Coast writer took a trip down California way recently and brought back some photos from that C-and-C granddaddy, Cars and Coffee Irvine.

There aren't too many other car meets around where you'll see an unfinished bare-steel hot rod parked next to an over-finished white-with-red-trim Nissan GT-R. But you will at Cars and Coffee.

If you somehow haven't heard of Cars and Coffee or are looking for a little background into how it all began (or are wondering where you can find C-and-C events north of the border), we've also got this brief history on the event.


Now if you'll excuse me, April's just broken, and I've got to drop the battery back into my Scamp so I can get it on down to Cars and Coffee Toronto.