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Police Return Woman’s Stolen Car, Leave Minor Crimes Starter Kit Inside

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A Calgary woman whose car was stolen was happy to hear police had recovered it, but confused when they returned it to her with cocaine, a crack pipe and a knife still inside.


Courtney Pickering’s 2014 Dodge Dart was stolen late August from an alley behind her home with her purse and credit card still inside, reports

Pickering was distraught the thieves used the card to almost immediately empty her bank account, but was relieved when police were able to track down and return her vehicle to her a couple days later.

She soon after got a call letting her know forensics had gone over the Dart and that she could pick up the car from the impound lot, but was surprised when inside she found a knife in the front passenger door, four stolen IDs in the glovebox, and a baggie of cocaine in a cupholder.

“And I went to the impound guy, ‘Is this normal? Like, what do I do with this?’ He was like ‘Just throw it on the ground, throw it on the ground!’” Pickering told CTV Calgary.

Pickering also found a crack pipe sitting on the rear seat, and so, after making a cellphone recording of the state of the vehicle, handed the keys back so police could properly dispose of the evidence.

When she picked up the car from a repair shop the next day, she noticed the butt of a gun, which turned out to be a pellet rifle. Pickering promptly filed a complaint with the Calgary Police’s Professional Standards Section.

CTV News was told by Calgary Police Services that stolen vehicles’ interior are not always checked, but that an investigation into Pickering’s complaint, as well as into the theft of her car and credit card, was ongoing.

Pickering is driving a rental while her car is being cleaned.

(via CTV News)

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