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Porsche Restorer Singer Offering Cars In Canada Via Pfaff

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Los Angeles-based Porsche restorers Singer Vehicle Design will be marketing their cars and services in Canada through Pfaff Automotive Partners’ offices in Woodbridge, Ontario, the high-end car dealership announced November 13.

Singer, founded in 2009 by former musician Rob Dickinson, specializes in restoring and modifying 964-model Porsche 911s to customers’ bespoke specifications. Their cars tend to blend “tradition with modernity,” and their hallmark is an unbelievably keen attention to detail.

The air-cooled Porsche 911s completed by Singer typically have some 4,000 hours invested in their restorations over a period of eight to 10 months. Singer has taken commissions from customers from Hong Kong to Moscow to New Zealand and even Canada.

As the company’s Canadian partner, Pfaff will help Canadian customers source a donor 964, spec it to their tastes, and liaise with Singer’s designers and craftsmen in California.


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