While people've been going back and forth over which is the most iconic movie car of all time – is it the General Lee? The Batmobile? Goddamn Lightning McQueen!? β€” has anyone stopped to consider which car model's landed the most time on-screen?

I'm talking about taking every car, objectively calculating its number of movie roles, multiplied by time on screen in that role, and figuring out which car has been captured on celluloid most oftenβ€”?

It'd be a massive effortβ€”one I'm not getting paid enough to undertake. But I wanna know, and so I'd like to give anybody up to it a head start with this list I've put together using IMCDB (the Internet Movie Car Database) of the top 10 star car models which, based on their prominent positioning, I'd figure'd be the best candidates for most on-screen time.

IMCDB has very graciously ranked the cars in their database based on the importance of their movie and TV roles. Take five-star central-movie-role cars and weigh them based on the number of films they've been in and who comes out on top? The Dodge Charger, of course, along with these nine runners-up.

But is it possible the car with the most on-screen time isn't a star hero (or villian) car at all? That it's the de facto cop car Crown Vic? Or the always-in-the-background(-of-Bullitt) Beetle? Sound off your nomination below.