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The Maple Mille Is Like The Mille Miglia, But Slower And In Canada And Totally Different

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The majority of southern Ontario classic car owners enjoy their cars in one of three ways: by parking it in a Wal-Mart parking lot at a weekly cruise night; by parking it on the grass in a park at a seasonal car show; or by parking it on a golf course’s 18th fairway at a concours (that is, a car show for rather expensive classics).


A vanishingly small ratio will also participate in club-based afternoon cruises; a little drag strip or race track action; or, when Jupiter aligns with Mars, some daily-driver commuting.

But Dave Hord would like to introduce them to a new way to enjoy their cars: by driving them several hundred kilometres at a time on some of the province’s curviest and most picturesque rural roads.


Hord runs Classic Car Adventures in Squamish, B.C. with business partner Warwick Patterson, a company known on the West Coast for the affordable multi-day rally events it’s been hosting for the past seven years.

CCA just finished their first Ontario rally the weekend of September 25 through 27, the Hagerty insurance-sponsored 1,100-km Maple Mille (the name is derived from Mille Miglia, the famous Italian 1,000-mile sports car rally), and Autofocus went along for the ride.


It wasn’t exactly the most exhilirating drive – the pace was somewhere around quickly-moving parade, whereas on the West Coast Dave says he usually has to tell drivers to slow down – but on the other hand that meant we had plenty of time to take in Ontario’s natural beauty.


For a gallery of the event with a play-by-play of our drive in my 1971 Plymouth Valiant Scamp, head on over to

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