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This Canadian 'Timber King' Is Making A 'Cedar Rocket' Car From A Tree

Illustration for article titled This Canadian Timber King Is Making A Cedar Rocket Car From A Tree

A British Columbia man who’s finishing work on a fully functional “cedar rocket” car is hoping the vehicle will earn him the world record for “fastest log car.”


Bryan Reid Sr., who runs Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. and stars in HGTV Canada’s Timber Kings, crafted the 2,200-lb car from a western red cedar—it may in fact be the first car built almost entirely from a single tree, reports the CBC.

The car does use metal axles and suspension components, and rubber tires, but is otherwise all log. Even the, uh, “tail fin” was part of the felled tree.

Once the mechanical work on the car is complete, Reid’s commissioned a $100,000 paint job for it. He’s hoping to have it finished around Christmas, when the Cedar Rocket will make its big debut before being auctioned off for a military veteran’s charity.

(via CBC)

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