This Vancouver Car Show Is One Of The Few Places You'll See A Stanced Ferrari In Canada

The 2015 Luxury and Supercar Weekend, held September 12 and 13, once again graced the grassy knolls of the Van Dusen Botannical Gardens in the middle of Vancouver this year. Once again, it was one of the few places in Canada you’d see a stanced Ferrari. Not far from a 1912 Rolls-Royce.

A clutch of Jaguar E-Types? A Toyota 2000GT? A Messerschmitt KR200? The Luxury and Supercar Weekend had it all, even if that last one didn’t really fit into either the titular “luxury” or “supercar” categories.


Autofocus’ Dan Heyman got them all on camera, as well as some of the other highlights at the show, e.g. an official replica of James Bond’s rocket-launching Die Another Day Aston Martin and a Pagani Huayra.

Check out the full 2015 Luxury and Supercar Weekend gallery here.

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