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Toyota Called Out Over Odometers That Won’t Cross 299,999 KM

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Toyota is sticking some of its owners with a $500 bill to replace their odometers to fix a glitch that prevents the instrument from rolling over 300,000 km, reports CTV News.

The Japanese automaker is apparently aware some of its odometers seem to get stuck when they hit either 299,999 kilometres or miles, but has simply been instructing owners to get new ones and to document the switch over to the new zero-km instrument.

The glitch has been known to affect model year 2003 through 2008 Matrix and Corolla cars, as well as 2004 and 2005 model year Prius hybrids.

A working odometer is required by law in most provinces, and at least one owner CTV News spoke to says he refuses to pay $500 for a defect built into the car; since his 2007 Corolla hit 299,999 km (about 186,000 miles) he’s been keeping track of his mileage by hand.

Used car buyers considering purchasing these models should be wary of the odometer readings on prospective buys, particularly if it seems suspiciously low for the condition of the car.

(via CTV News)


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